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Fabric Care
Types of Fabric

The most popular Fabric used in Indian ethnic wear are:
  Care for Fabric

Fabric like Cotton and synthetic can be easily Hand washed / Machine washed but delicate fabrics mostly used in Indian Ethnic wear should preferably dry-cleaned.

Delicate fabrics Should be dry-cleaned first before your are going to deposit it back in your wardrobe . It is advisable to buy or make a thin cotton fabric (usual Mul-mul / organza ) saree cover for your Heavily worked/embroidered saree/lehenga/salwar kameez. Don’t use naphthalene balls with heavily worked/embroidered apparels.
  Fabric Stain Guide  
  The General Rules  
Treat stains promptly. Fresh stains are easier to remove than old ones. If the stain is on a no washable fabric, take it to the dry cleaner as soon as possible, and describe the nature of the stain and the fiber content of the garment.
Read and carefully follow package directions when using any stain removal product.
Always test stain removers on an inside seam or other hidden part of garment for color fastness. To test, apply product and let stand 2-5 minutes, then rinse. If color changes, do not use product on garment.
When using bleach, do not try to bleach just one area of garment; bleach the entire garment to prevent uneven color removal.
When treating, place stained area face down on a clean paper towel or white cloth. Apply stain remover to the underside of the stain, forcing stain off the fabric surface instead of through it.
Never put chemical dry-cleaning solvents directly into washer.
Thoroughly rinse and air dry areas treated with dry-cleaning solvents before placing in washer, to avoid a fire.
Do not mix stain removal products together. Some mixtures, such as ammonia and chlorine bleach, can produce noxious fumes.
Always launder washable items after treating to remove residues of the stain and the stain remover.
Have patience; it takes a little extra time and effort to remove some stains.
Remember, some stains cannot be removed.
Special Sarees
Sanskruti offers a wide range of saris that are not just exclusive, but occasion-specific as well.

Sanskruti offers a wide range of saris that are not just exclusive, but occasion-specific as well.
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