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Management Team
  Shashi Singh

Shashi Singh has a experience of 15 year in fashion industry .She stared her career after studying fashion designing from her mentor and guru Mr.Vidya Sagar.

However comfortable Western apparel may seem, the six yards has always held a fascination for women, and pride of place in the wardrobe and for any occasion. It has never failed to capture the eye or make a statement when worn to flaunt its beauty and versatility. The simple sari, over the years, has morphed into exotic creations, each unique and exploring the creative talents of artists and designers.

The intricate work and complicated designs on some of her saris is stunning. Besides the intricate work, there is some cunning blending of fabric to highlight the work. Silhouettes too varied from sharp soft with shape silhouette and characteristic drapes and textures. The label "Shashi Singh" goes beyond just a pragmatic prêt while her couture line embodies a timeless classic appeal whether it is a saree which she lint a new dimension or sculptural outfits. The designs are versatile and wearable for today's women. The color palette are usually muted and soft, there is a hint of subtle embroidery. Silhouettes are organic and often there is interplay of fabrics, colors and textures. Quirky touch, color palette, Airy fabrics are central themes of femininity. Cloths cut to the curve with soft edge and unusual juxtaposition of period with contemporary elements, combining the beauty of simplicity.

Typically, her display includes brocades, hand woven Kanchi silks, chiffons, Georgettes, Crapes, Nets, Tussars, Banarasi, Lace besides others. These are embellished with Zardosi and Kundan work, metal and sequence work, appliqué work, Gota work and studded with stones and crystals that include a large helping of Swarovski. She says quote: - "Most of these are focused saris meant for particular occasions. The others, with toned down work, are meant for casual wear."

Innovations like a two-piece sari, ready-made sari, hog the limelight. She Says quote: - "The two-piece sari is very comfortable, easy to drape and not bulky. It is very popular among young women. Similarly the readymade sari is a big hit especially among women who are not well-versed in wearing a sari."

Multiple block prints are also done on a single piece and to this they add a telescopic style of printing, where the border width varies to give a dramatic effect. There is a large mix of silks, chiffons, net and jute to lend that unique look. The effect is further highlighted with suitable embellishments. Flamboyant prints and intricate appliqué and bead work added just the right amount of drama. The collection emulates a balance between diversity and wear ability; ascents of colors hold the collection together.

Her cloths line is meant for individual women who like to look sharp without trying too hard. She also designs for Kids both (Boys & Girls) and Men's. All the range comes out under her label.

A blend between structure and fluidity, a play of organics and opulence by using traditional Indian handicraft techniques. Most of work uses locally made product, technique, by her work she aims to help protect, conserve & further the art & cultural traditions of the region from where the product originated. She has in-house Karkhana (Hindi name form a unit) where she employs karigars i.e. (workers whose from generation are doing the same work of antique/traditional embroidery). Most of her product procurement works in areas where sustainable intervention benefits local communities. She believes that this will go forward in promotion of people's awareness towards the protection of Indian history, material culture & traditions of art.

Inderjeet Singh Dabi

Special Sarees
Sanskruti offers a wide range of saris that are not just exclusive, but occasion-specific as well.

Sanskruti offers a wide range of saris that are not just exclusive, but occasion-specific as well.
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